BitRate adopts your brand and business model, analyzes the market and determines suitable approaches and strategies. Listens to your target audience and finds the best channels to reach out to them through their insights. Creates the most accurate and creative content to pierce through their ad shields and tell them our exact messages. 


Today, there is a product or service to suit every need. Colour by colour, various alternatives; some fantastic products or services are offered to needs you might not even think of. In other words, the probability of both parties being unhappy is very low as long as the customer matches the exemplary product/service they are looking for.

Marketing has become a matchmaker trying to build a happy relationship between these two parties. Creating a marketing organism that knows and understands the audience, brand and service/product well is the key to creating this happy relationship. The algorithms that know people's interests and priorities of what they will like or benefit from have made social media one of the most effective marketing channels.

Competition between brands of all sizes is getting hotter since reaching out to customers is getting more accessible with the tools that use data and algorithms so profoundly. On the other hand, to ensure the customer's journey to sales, reaching each segmented target through the most accurate, personalized and creative ways is necessary. The more stimuli people perceive, the more their attention is divided and the harder it is to keep their attention. That means countless various marketing approaches for each audience.

BitRate has been trying to create brand-customer relationships that are happily ever after since 2015. We generate love stories by finding the right way of this brand-customer interaction and working with the right teams and channels.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Peter Drucker



He started his early professional career in performance by training in music, dance and acting. His interest in performing and visual arts left its place for cinema, and he fell in love with this magical language, which includes every field of art. He graduated from Bilgi University film academy while he studied opera at the Istanbul University State Conservatory.
He quickly became a professional in Video and photography-based digital content production, which he started as an amateur during his education. Game-changing DSLR cameras and software such as adobe offered cutting-edge practical opportunities, and his mastering of those has been very effective in this. He started creating viral content for big brands shortly after.
BitRate Production emerged after working for a long time to blend the traditional marketing discipline with the new generation's understanding of content. He established his team to create short and exciting content that catches social trends with the logic of fast, practical production.
He quickly realised small but effective projects for numerous big brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Haribo, Skechers, and Mediamarkt. Over time, with the development of technology and opportunities, BitRate has become a laboratory that can produce film/video and visual content of all scales, from tv commercials to talk shows.
Ergenç thinks the most essential aspect of good marketing is knowing people well and empathising. With this philosophy, he continues to work as a content marketing consultant and producer in London.


He graduated from Sabancı Brand Management Master's Program but was still in his undergraduate period. While an Advertising student at Istanbul Bilgi University, he did a double major in Cinema and Television and laid the foundation for being an interdisciplinary, integrated marketing person.
He started his career as a Red Bull student brand manager while still a student. He learned how to become a brand in its kitchen. He started his advertising photography career at a young age as the son of one of the most prominent photographers in one of the biggest photography studios in Turkey, making him a born producer and creative director. As a strategist, he was always sought after in production meetings. Since his childhood, he has never let go of his camera.
Whether it was production or advertising strategy, he started his career as a strategist at TBWA Istanbul with passion. With the rapid effect of his love for automobiles, he first started with the brands BMW, Mini, Land Rover and Jaguar, then worked for McDonald's Anadolu Sigorta, Akbank, and CarrefourSA.
By the time he worked at Alaadding Advertising Agency, he was closely working with P&G brands, Dumankaya and Honda. After his exceptionally successful projects with Honda, thanks to his passion for automobiles, he moved on to Voden Ad. Agency and worked closely with many brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Tofaş Corporate, Peugeot, Castrol, BP, and Goodyear. Questions like what the strategists would do at the production meeting never came to him, and his camera never fell out of hand.
After working as a communication specialist at Decathlon, he worked on all disciplines of marketing and production. He's still an automobile and architecture enthusiast and an integrative creative strategist & producer at Bitrate Production.